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The Poetry Lady – Katie Gorvin-Hughes

I can provide you with a bespoke verse for any of life’s occasions, be they happy or sad. I am a natural wordsmith, drawn to both the written and spoken word from an early age.

I take commissions for verses, whether it be to celebrate a birth, a wedding, a funeral or any of the myriad of occasions that the rich tapestry of life provides us with. The tone of the verse can be humorous, spiritual, or somewhere in-between! I can write the verse either in past tense or as if it has been written by yourself.

I aim to return a verse within one week for funerals, however, for other occasions, especially weddings, a little more notice is preferable!

My poems are all individually composed and unique, I require details of the recipient and basic details of what is to be included. I will then send you some relevant questions if I need more information so I can work my rhyming magic in your poem! Correspondence is usually by email, I will email a proof version to you for any final tweaks before you receive your bespoke poem.

I also work alongside wedding and funeral celebrants to provide a verse which can be included in your ceremony. I do ask however that you credit me with the creation of the verse!

Your verse will be sent to you in PDF form. I do not routinely frame verses, they are designed to be read out at your special occasion, or included in your wedding or funeral service sheets. However, please contact me to discuss your personal requirements as each verse is, like your occasion, unique!

If you would like a poem written for you, whatever the occasion,
then click the link to order today!

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