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Celebrating The Seasons

Celebrating the seasons

Many of the poems that come to me are inspired by what I am sensing and noticing around me, the wonders of nature, the sky, the sea, the moon or simply the passing of the months and celebrating each wonderful new season as it comes upon us.

Some of my poems have focused upon the season of Christmas, spring or midsummer, two poems that relate to this glorious, evocative, golden time of autumn are: The Spider On The Window Pane, and a recent one, All Hallow’s Eve.

The Spider On The Window Pane.

Spider weaves its silver gossamer thread,
whilst we lie sleeping in our bed.
As the day dawns fresh and new,
shimmering web in the morning dew.
Motionless spider waits its chance,
until with its prey begins to dance.

In crisp autumn leaves take delight,
gaze at the moon glowing round and bright.
The scent of damp earth fills our soul,
walk in the woods and contemplate our goal.
As the days shorten and cold draws down,
try not to face our day wearing a frown.

Look for the inspiration in frosty sky,
watch the birds as overhead they fly.
Then as does the long winter chill begin,
use this precious time to go within.
Sit by the fireside and warm our toes,
what next year brings….heaven knows.

Yuletide comes to bring us good cheer,
to meet up with those that we hold dear.
Watching fireside shadows dance,
maybe time for a little romance.
Glancing towards the ceiling high,
we spot the spider warm and dry!

© Katie Gorvin-Hughes.

All Hallow’s Eve

Pumpkins plump and ripe
faces filled with candlelight.
Children dressing up with glee
Black cats that simply ‘see’.
Ghost stories, disconcerting fright
Spine chilling, macabre delight

Season of Halloween
Time of all things unseen.
No need to question and fear
Simply the wheel of the year
Seasons changing sure and slow
We reap, we harvest and we sow

Summer flowers, bloomed now dead
Winter’s bitter cold lies ahead,
Golden leaves softly falling
Before spring’s whisper comes calling.
Our lives, is all as it seems
Or are we only living a dream?

Landscapes expectantly revealed
All no longer concealed.
With each falling leaf,
drops deceit.
The bare bones of winter,
we rise up and greet.

Challenging trials lie ahead
many truths left unsaid.
Look after you and yours
But just for now, enjoy, pause,
In friendship there is much to gain
Let us gather, celebrate Samhain.

©Katie Gorvin-Hughes

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