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Where does inspiration come from? 

Inspiration is an unquantifiable phenomenon, all creative people work through inspiration. Artists, musicians, sculptors, writers, poets…… for me inspiration can and does strike at any time. Somewhat inconvenient if I am in the middle of the supermarket or taking a bath! Usually, however inspiration comes at those quiet times, working in the garden, or walking, or the early hours of the morning.

It is true to say most creative types enjoy those peaceful times when their mind is free to run its course without interruption. Think of the stereotypical mad artist or the writer who creates prolifically, cloistered in their garden shed! 

Some years ago, when I was just starting out on my journey of discovery of expression through the written word. I was woken in the early hours and frantically scribbled the thoughts coming into my head, without even looking at the words I had written, In the morning, deciphering my notes, I realised I had received, almost a message in the words written. Hardly surprising as I am mediumistic, however, in this instance, the words seemed as if they were from my beloved horse who had died earlier that day.

I had owned Jester for many years, my daughter grew up with him as the rock and anchor, her best friend throughout all of her teenage years. Sadly, he was becoming unsteady on his legs and we knew that the time had come for him. He was put to sleep in the field that he knew so well and we returned home heavy hearted, knowing that he was truly irreplaceable.

I later adapted the verse slightly to make it suitable for all persons… equine or human. For me however, the verse remains a precious reminder of a presence, a strength, a solidity that is sorely missed.

Jester remains my Spirit That Whispers On The Breeze.

I am the spirit that whispers on the breeze – Katie Gorvin-Hughes
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