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Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day

Sometimes poetry can express that which we are experiencing much better than words alone. Mother’s Day, like Christmas and other Anniversaries, is a time when we think of those we love who are no longer with us, and hopefully concentrate upon those wonderful happy memories.

I wrote these poems whilst thinking about my own Mum, the first one I wrote shortly after I lost her:

I Miss You Mum by Katie Gorvin-Hughes

I miss you Mum, so much and yet,

I can look back without regret.

I was there for you as you were for me,

Holding your hand as if I were still three.

I wiped my eyes, I could hardly see,

As little by little, you slipped away to be free.

A tiny bird, took to the wing,

To raise you up the angels did sing.

As I go about each daily task,

All I have to do is ask,

For you to draw close, so I am aware,

Of the communication that we still share.

I will hold you always in my heart,

Through spirit’s love we will never be apart.

©Katie Gorvin-Hughes

This one I wrote last year just before Mother’s Day!

Mum by Katie Gorvin-Hughes

Mum, you loved and cared unconditionally

Always there to look after me.

Mum, you sensed when I was in need

Showed your love in every good deed.

The years rolled by until you left me alone

I miss your voice, how I long to hear the phone.

Now I remember you with such love

I know you smile upon me from above.

Present in the breeze that I feel each day

You leave the white feathers that float my way.

Overseeing all that I do, places I go,

You are still with me, that I know!

I appreciate, that of your time you gave,

Your gift of happy memories to save.

My gratitude and thanks I am here to say,

Remembering you Mum on Mother’s Day!

© Katie Gorvin-Hughes

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