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New Years Wishes

What does the new year mean to you?
Not only that the old is through,
Trust in the universe and let it go,
Trust in spirit to help us grow.

A clean slate, a new broom,
Time to wipe away the gloom.
Resolutions to be made,
Conquer challenges – don’t be afraid!

Full of hope, a fresh start,
Each of us has to play our part.
To give up those things we have outgrown,
No good for us, we should have known.

To let spirit be our guide,
Trust in the universe to provide.
As winter recedes and days lengthen,
Our power and our intentions strengthen.

We can believe and achieve our dream,
Become more than we ever have been.
For the old have no regret,
Make this year our best one yet!

© Katie Gorvin-Hughes.

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